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jstevens1 ♡ 148 ( +1 | -1 )
On the Experts' Playing Field I just cannot resist straying onto the Expert's playing field. For mere pussycats like me, that place is a Safari Park! Fierce wild animals roam there. After my encounter with a Heinzkat before Christmas and getting well and truly canned in an unrated game, it seemed a deterrent from me venturing there again.

But I go on there again! What do I do, I put my head in the Lion's Den! Though to be fair to myself, the game against Leo-London, who has a rating 600 points north of mine, started in September 2007 and only finished yesterday! I have called this game the Long Lost Battle in the Public Annotations and I think I was merely outplayed rather than mauled by this particular lion.

I then stumble out of the lion's den and walk straight into a Hornet's Nest. I end up playing a game against a Master by the name of Chrisobee. For the first 30 moves or so, so far so good, but my play goes suddenly and rapidly downhill, all because I did not get my king moving quickly enough. As a result I got well and truly stung!! I have christened this game Slow King.

At the moment I am finding my feet in my team games as a new member of the Sneaky Knights connection. At least I have bagged a couple of wins and a draw from them!

If you do decide to read through those 2 games your comments are much appreciated.

I think I will take a coffee break from the typing.

Bye for now.