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Novice Nook #43 This week's article is called "Chess, Learning and Fun". I don't know if it was the first Heisman article I read, but I do know that it was one of the articles that got me hooked on Heisman. No instruction here, but an excellent analysis of the neverending question of the balance between study and gameplay for the non-professional player - and the different aspects of study. The big question - is study fun? Well, for some, not at all. For most chess players, some parts of study are fun, others not.

Heisman does a good job in this article of breaking down chess study into it's various aspects and, for some, makes suggestions about how to approach them. He also makes it clear that it's not a sin for the non-professional not to study, but that improvement is not likely to occur past the raw talent level if there isn't any studying done.

Myself, I'm always adjusting my study approach and I was interested to see one of his suggestions dovetails with something I started doing recently. I enjoy blitz games on GK although I'm not a particularly good player at fast speeds. What I've started doing though is, during the first 5 minutes or so of a blitz game, entering the moves simultaneously on my Palm so after the game I can go back and review the opening. I compare the moves to my opening repertoire, note where I or my opponent varied, and then let Fritz make suggestions as well. As Heisman suggests, I'm not expecting any one game to provide an epiphany, but over time, I'm expecting a gradual improvement in my understanding of my openings.

Let me know what you think of the article. The link is:

-> www.chesscafe.com