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ccmcacollister ♡ 101 ( +1 | -1 )
A ChessRing for online-Chess webmasters I very recently received this information about 'A Chess ring for online-Chess Webmasters'. ... which I guess maybe similar to a Quilting-Ring ...
{ or is that a Circle?! well anyway it seemed to me a closer fit than an Organized Crime Ring; or a Fairy Ring, to sleep 20 years in the mushroom patch, so...}
... designed to trade info, aids, programs, advice aor discussion ...!?
I'm not really sure, since I do not happen to have an Online Chess Site to Webmaster; but wanted to pass on the info to GK aor anyone here who IS looking for a Chess Ring.
Here IS the hyperlink which was entrusted unto me; & now passed on to You; The new Keeper of The Chess-Ring-Way. PLease use this knowledge Wisely, with much forethought and kindness in your heart; do not abuse your newfound powers, and most of all ... do NOT call Me if you wake-up lying in a mushroom patch & discover that the Year Is 2027 ~! }B~P
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